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Our Clients

PMP's satisfied clients include leading pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies. The companies we serve range in size from global corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises and startups and span disease areas and applications including cancer, virology, and neurology; biomarker discovery; genetic testing; molecular database development; and medical informatics. A sample of publicly acknowledged clients and projects appears below.

  • Client: On-Q-ity
    President & CEO - Provided consulting/advisory services to Board and interim President/CSO to develop and fund a strategic plan for the business. Assisted in raising $5M of operating capital and accepted the President & CEO role, assuming responsibilities for selling the company through an investment banking process in 2012, while maintaining employee morale, expanding clinical studies and exploring new product indications.
  • Client: Quintiles/NovaQuest
    VP Corporate Development - Provided part-time strategic business support to Quintiles' biomarker, companion diagnostic and personalized medicine efforts to enhance laboratory services for its biopharmaceutical clients. The strategic evaluations led to several acquisition and/or partnership recommendations, ultimately resulting in an acquisition of a genomics laboratory.
  • Client: Ventana Medical Systems
    Project leader - Provided VP of translational diagnostics with strategic positioning and valuation of Personalized Medicine tissue-based detection kits and related services for pharmaceutical companies and pathologists/physicians.
  • Client: OncoMethylome Sciences
    Project leader - Provided VP of Business Development and Marketing with strategic guidance on development of personalized medicine products and services based on DNA methylation biomarkers and associated testing technologies.
  • Client: Tricon Pharmaceuticals
    VP of Business Development and Corporate Strategy - Led development of business plan and licensing of drug programs; supported and occasionally led fund-raising activities.
  • Client: Pathway Diagnostics
    Project leader - Identified leading experts in biomarker discovery and the development of biomarker information packages to support out-licensing activities to testing laboratories and diagnostics companies; worked directly with both CEO and Chief Medical Officer.
  • Client: PamGene
    Provided CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing, and VP of Research for a Dutch company with strategic advice regarding collaboration and product sales opportunities in U.S.-based pharmaceutical research groups. Also provided sales and marketing support in selected pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.
  • Client: Lipomics
    Advised President and CSO and Chief Medical Officer regarding opportunities in biomarker-driven pharmaceutical product development.

For more information on how PMP's strategic guidance and support can benefit your organization, contact Michael Stocum at or +1.919.783.1896.


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