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Our partnership network offers clients the opportunity to collaborate with business development experts and scientific innovators from top life science firms. The breadth of our partners' capabilities enable PMP to provide clients with the full range of services and support needed to achieve their business and clinical goals. Example partnerships and their focus with PMP include:

  • Pivot Oncology - Focuses on integrated clinical development of therapeutics with biomarkers to create indications for companion diagnostic/therapeutic products and ultimately a personalized medicine treatment approach.
  • Integrated Medicines - Cambridge, UK based company that optimizes the commercialization of stratified medicines to maximize clinical and economic benefits.
  • Beacon Consulting - Provides commercial strategy develop and customized valuation of personalized medicine treatment approaches to address unmet medical needs.
  • Technic Solutions - Offers personalized medicine strategic consulting and tactical support in the area of value-added reimbursement.
  • Innovalyst - Provides consulting services that help life science companies shape their business strategy, promote innovation, and accelerate commercial success.
  • Clear Point Health - Helps healthcare companies develop sound strategies and find optimal solutions specifically customized to the demands and culture of the industry.
  • Enterprise Analysis Corporation - Provides strategic consulting, business development, and research services to medical and life science companies worldwide.
  • Scintellix - Provides scientific and management consulting services that untangle the complex problems that prevent individuals, companies, and institutions from achieving their goals.
  • Personalized Medicine Coalition (Nonprofit) - Strives to increase understanding and adoption of personalized medicine for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Find out how our partnership network can advance your product development and commercialization goals; contact Michael Stocum at or +1.919.783.1896.


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