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Who We Are

Personalized Medicine Partners, LLC (“PMP”), established in 2004, is dedicated to increasing the value of therapeutic and diagnostic products, technologies & services through integrating product and business development.

We create this value through opportunity assessment, research and strategic planning followed by implementation activities that accelerate clinical development, differentiate products from their competition, generate market expansion and deliver sales growth.

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We offer our services on a project basis or as part-time contract executive roles in the pharmaceutical, molecular diagnostic and laboratory medicine sectors to deliver:

  1. business development support throughout the transaction continuum from opportunity identification through deal execution, and
  2. product development support by optimizing disease research, candidate discovery, treatment development and product commercialization.

Through our activities, molecular data from the application of biomarker/diagnostic testing is transformed into disease-based knowledge, enabling more individualized patient care or personalized medicine. This approach to establishing clinical utility has demonstrated value for both treatments as well as personalized medicine tests, showing potential to improve health economic outcomes in diseases such as:

  • cancer
  • infectious diseases
  • cardiovascular
  • metabolic
  • critical care
  • inflammation

Michael Stocum, the firm’s President and Founder has experience with the development of therapeutics and molecular diagnostics across multiple therapeutic areas. His access to a range of partners provides the breadth of experience to support the needs of most product development and commercialization programs. Please contact us for further information.

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Personalized Medicine Partners, LLC
Research Triangle Park, NC
Phone: +1.919.783.1896

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